3angleTech: The Company Journey

May 13, 2019 4 min. read

What happens when you bring together three engineers who are passionate about creating outstanding software that really works? You get 3angleTech! A young company that is built to last and grow and delights customers all over the world. Here is our company’s story, why we created it, what we achieved for our customers, and what we plan to do next:

3angleTech: Starting the startup

The company was founded in the spring of 2015, when three old friends, former University colleagues, and software engineers, who worked together on several projects, decided to create their own business. That’s us: Dragos, Catalin, and Ionut!

We wanted to create a company that both our customers and our employees could trust, and give our clients the best possible solutions, at the level of quality that they expect.

3angleTech was a natural next step after we have gathered experience working for both startups like Advahoo and corporations like Microsoft. Before we got together to create 3angleTech, we had created the code nucleus, best practices, and infrastructure for many production applications deployed in banks such as BNP Paribas, Citi Bank, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank and the National Bank of Romania. Yes, they are all banks, with slow bureaucratic processes, and large, expensive projects. Not every software engineer’s definition of fun or agile development. However, they were valuable learning experiences, that helped us improve as professionals. We learned how to communicate efficiently with people who do not have a technical background, to always have a backup plan for our projects, and to focus on quality code and testing in all our projects. Another important lesson was that being a manager does not mean being bossy with your team. It is about supporting the team at all times, creating genuine relationships, and mentoring your colleagues, so that they achieve their potential.

The company’s values

What brought us together was the firm belief in a few essential values:

  1. High quality — we are dedicated to developing clean, modular, bugless applications that add real value;
  2. Suitable technologies — our broad experience allows us to choose and use the most appropriate technology to get the job done. This makes project delivery faster;
  3. Dynamic roadmap — complete autonomy, short iterations, excellent response time, adaptability.

To deliver on those values, we have recruited a team of talented engineers, driven to tackle challenging problems and get things done. We also have a company culture that values direct feedback, to avoid getting bogged down by politics, that might slow down the individual’s development, as well as the progress of projects.

Check out some of our coolest projects

We take pride in creating strong relationships with our clients, who choose to work with us year after year. Yes, we are the type of guys who commit to long term relationships based on trust, fast delivery times, and impeccable coding. If you are curious to see what we have delivered for some of our customers, take a peek at these projects:

  • NowYouSpeak – it helps users prepare for the speaking section of English tests, such as the TOEFL. This was our first major project, where all three of us worked together as 3angleTech. We built two native apps for iOS and Android, and the backend to provide the service, as well as a content management system that is used to manage the content provided by the apps.
  • UnitPal – a Property Management System that we developed for a startup based in Denmark. It was designed for hotels to be used for the management of their daily activities, such as bookings, and invoices. It also contains a Revenue Management module with Yield Management features. We first built the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and helped our customer secure a round of investment to finalize the product. A fun way in which our startup helped another startup achieve its business objectives.
  • Heartbeat – translates all the data from the customer’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system of choice and provides meaningful insights and a better overall experience on top. The product can be used both in a web browser and on mobile devices, and it is our largest project to date.

If you enjoyed these projects, and you want to know more, see our Portfolio page.

What’s next for 3angleTech?

That is always a great question, which is difficult to answer. First of all, we want to expand our team and convince talented software engineers to join us. Building a great team is a high priority for us, and it will always be so. Another objective is to grow our customer base and deliver high-impact projects for their business. Long term, we would love to develop our own high-value products that we sell to customers worldwide.

Enough about us, tell us about you!

Now you know a bit more about our company and us. If you enjoyed our story and our portfolio, feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your software-related needs. Is there anything we could help you with? For more contact options, hit the Contact Us button on the top-right corner of our web page.