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The challenge

Build a mobile educational platform for students who want to practice and improve their English-speaking skills in a fun, collaborative way.

The content inside the platform should be easy to create and maintain.

The Product

NowYouSpeak consists of two native mobile apps for Android and iOS. They look, feel, and behave the same way, providing a consistent user experience across both mobile platforms. The apps offer students a rich set of tasks inspired by the TOEFL language tests.

Smart bot

Users interact mainly with a smart bot that provides them with useful multimedia content for their learning experience.


To complement the mobile apps, we also had to create a Content Management System (CMS). It was used by our client to manage the data available in the mobile apps, including all games and evaluation tests.


We also had to develop a collaborative rating system that allowed students to interact with each other, review, and rate the progress of their peers.

app in action

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What we did

UI/UX Design

Web Development

Cloud Architecture

Dev Ops

Product Roadmap

Mobile | Android | iOS



  • User interaction driven by a chatbot
  • Uploading of multimedia recordings for student evaluation
  • Statistics for each user’s progress
  • A rating system that involves both students and tutors
  • Individual task journal


  • Allows the creation of metadata-driven tasks through rich templates that mix different types of components: text, audio, pictures, recordings, etc.
  • Manages the recordings uploaded by students and sets limits for aspects like duration, file size, or the maximum number of retries.

collaborative rating

  • Evaluates the rating skills of each student. The evaluations made by students with higher rating skills receive more weight than those with lower rating skills.
  • Involves tutors in student evaluation, when required

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