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The challenge

UnitPal, a startup based in Denmark, has tasked us to help them build a property and revenue management system, that can increase the possibilities, profits, and efficiency of property and hotel managers.

What we did

UI/UX Design

Web Development

Product Roadmap

Cloud Architecture

Dev Ops

The property and revenue management system that we built for UnitPal offers a superior management experience. The result of this project is a cloud-based system that makes it easy and enjoyable to manage a property and increase revenues. Businesses using this all-inclusive solution enjoy:

Full front desk automation

The fully automated front desk can send confirmation and invoices, manage booking restrictions and cancellation penalties. Keep control of non-refundable bookings and no-shows.

Easy to use

Build a hotel or B&B in seven easy steps. No download, installation, or technical knowledge is required. Keep control of your inventory and avoid overbookings.

Save time

The friendly front desk interface makes staff training easy and fast. It also minimizes human error. Invoice history, reports of past and future bookings, including individual guests, agents, or companies.

Higher yield

See the full overview of all your property's critical numbers, including guaranteed vs. confirmed revenue, RevPAR, occupancy, and commissions.

Increase revenues

See all sources of revenues and optimization potential, make better pricing decisions. guarantees that the best prices are always available and only a click away.

Ture Strange Nillson

CEO Unitpal   |   Denmark

If you are looking for a great tech team, look no further! Top developers with great communication skills and excellent problem solvers. I was thrilled to find such a talented team with versatile skills, they delivered the best quality from full stack web development to continuous integration and project management.

Having a complete team with complementary skills allowed us to be very efficient with planning, and execute very fast. One key thing I liked about the team is that they were not just coders, they were very devoted to the product and were proactive in shaping it together. It was a great experience, and looking forward to continue our collaboration.


Managing a hotel, a B&B, a hostel, or some other type of property requires a wide variety of skills and people. The system that we built for UnitPal provides all the tools and automation necessary for a seamless management experience.

Rooms module

Property managers can keep track of their rooms (complete with stationary and roll-away beds) calculate the optimal capacity, and get notifications when extra beds are needed for new reservations. You can add pictures, amenities, and attributes and see which guests are arriving or occupying the rooms, together with their reservation details and detailed invoices.

Price products

The Price Product module allows users to create and manage complex rates, packages, or dynamic prices, complete with restrictions and cancellation policies and penalties. You can add discounts based on different reservation conditions, make those discounts available to the public, or assign them to specific customers, agents, or companies. Once set up, they are fully automated for the front desk.

Customer register

The customer relationship management (CRM) module allows business owners to keep track of all the customers, companies, and agents they work with, of room nights, total revenue, and more. They can grant customers access to corporate prices, exclusive offers, or contracted rates. You can also allow or prohibit the sending of booking confirmation and invoices.

Front desk

Business owners can enjoy fully automated tracking of arrivals, departures, and open invoices. Our property management system provides an intuitive overview of available, assigned, or occupied rooms, of guests and extra beds. You can see what rooms need cleaning or are out of service on the floor plan, view the open rooms, and get a detailed perspective of amenities and attributes. Plus, you can find special booking requests, drag-and-drop to check-in guests, pay, or send invoices.

Yield manager

Business owners see all the key numbers of their property, such as RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, and allotments. You can even see the confirmed revenue and occupancy, which can still be canceled without penalty. You can also open and close your price products, perform dynamic price updates, and close rates for arrival or departure to take full advantage of your property's capacity.

Other useful modules

The list of features and modules doesn’t end here. There are other modules available:

Booking module

Make new bookings, group reservations, cancel or edit existing reservations. All prices and packages are updated immediately, and late cancellations automatically generate the penalty assigned to the price product. Property managers and business owners can add specific customers, agents, or companies to access contracted rates or promotions. Commission and discounts are automatically applied.

Add-on products

Add the VAT, internal and external costs, pictures, and descriptions. Add them to guests' invoices or include them in price products and packages. On the daily shift report, you can see which add-on categories and products are in demand.

Allotment module

If you work with allotments, our system offers a comprehensible allotment module to ensure no overbookings. Therefore you can stay in control of your inventory distribution. Assign customers, price products, and room categories, add the number of rooms available per day, complete with date span, restrictions, and release time.

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