We cover the full product spectrum: Prototype, Design & UX, Product Management, Dev & Test and DevOps

UX & Design

Interactive Prototypes

Mobile Design

Responsive Web Design

Product Management

Buyer & User Personas Mapping

Product Roadmap, Requirements

Release Planning


Web Applications

Mobile Applications

BPM Processes



Continuous Integration

Environment Automation

Business Expertise


We have 5+ years in fintech, developing applications that manage real time transactions, interact with core banking systems and end users through internet and mobile banking platforms.

Hotel Management Systems

We have developed from scratch a comprehensive hotel management system including booking systems, property & yield management.

Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing

We have built robust, scalable & user-friendly enterprise & cloud computing products which are used daily in big enterprises.

Educational Software

We have developed educational software to make learning through digitalized platforms easier and faster.

Technology Expertise

We use established & new technologies depending on the project needs



Catalin-Andrei Dobre
Founder, Engineering

Software Engineer @Microsoft
Software Engineer @Advahoo
Intern @Adobe
B.S. Computer Science @Politehnica

Catalin-Andrei Dobre
Founder, Engineering
Ionut-Cristian Paraschiv
Founder, Engineering

Software Architect @Advahoo
Software Engineer @Asseco
PHD A.I. @Politehnica
M.S. Data Mining @Polytech Nantes
M.S. Internet Systems @Politehnica
B.S. Computer Science @Politehnica

Ionut-Cristian Paraschiv
Founder, Engineering
Dragos-Ioan Pricope
Founder, Engineering

Software Architect @Advahoo
B.S. Computer Science @Politehnica

Dragos-Ioan Pricope
Founder, Engineering
Victor Pascu

Full Stack Developer @Tech Squad
Full Stack Developer @Splend
Full Stack Developer @MemoX Vision
Full Stack Developer @e-Calificare
B.S. Computer Science @Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Victor Pascu
Mihai-Cristian Melian

Software Developer @Endava
Full Stack Developer @ISDC
B.S. Computer Science @Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Mihai-Cristian Melian


Palle Geltzer Dinesen, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder @UbiqiSense | Denmark

Working with 3angleTech is cloud development on steroids (figuratively!). The team is super efficient, immediately grasps any idea you throw at it and turns it into production-grade solutions in weeks. I can highly recommend 3angleTech to anyone who wants to take cloud solutions to the next level.

Jim Zucker


I’ve worked with 3angleTech for over 3 years, 2 companies and twice as many projects including Java Spring, Angular and JQuery tech stacks.  In all cases 3angleTech has meet or exceed expectations for architecture, quality and on-time delivery.

Jónas Sigurðsson

Founder and CTO @CodeNorth | Iceland

In tech, it is rare to find good talent but to find people with great talent as well as being good communicators and such characters that collaboration becomes solid friendship.  That’s gold. 3angleTech are that kind of people. These are the guys you want to have by your side in this industry. No matter how hard the task at hand.

Stefan Brazen

CEO @BrazenBytes | Canada

3angleTech is a highly skilled team of professionals that is self-motivated and very talented. They provide a plethora of options and help you devise the right solution for your product. Their use of modern development platforms ensures your product is current with the trend leaders and is equally met by their engineering lifecycle standards. They worked with us through the duration of our product lifecycle, from concept to production. We value the talent and level of quality of their work.

Ture Strange Nilsson

CEO @UnitPal | Denmark

If you are looking for a great tech them, look no further! Top developers with great communication skills and excellent problem solvers. I was thrilled to find such a talented team with versatile skills, they delivered the best quality from full stack web development to continuous integration and project management.
Having a complete team with complementary skills allowed us to be very efficient with planning, and execute very fast. One key thing I liked about the team is that they were not just coders, they were very devoted to the product and were proactive in shaping it together. It was a great experience, and looking forward to continue our collaboration.

Andrei Ismail

Partner @Vitamin | Romania

Vitamin worked with 3AngleTech in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017. It was a pleasure: the guys are bright, very quick learners and have strong technology skills. They understood the business context very quickly and were able to do valuable technical work from day 1.
Besides all of this, they have strong operating principles and a very healthy work ethic. I’m happy to see them growing their own company, and I highly recommend them.

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