Habit tracking and personal development

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The challenge

Co-develop a mobile Android application for Recovery Warriors. This company’s mission is to empower people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. The app was co-developed together with Digital Krikits.

Rise Up: Eating Disorder Help is a mobile companion that complements professional treatment for eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN), obsessive eating disorder (OED), binge eating disorder (BED), and compulsive eating disorder (CED).


The Rise Up mobile app helps people:

Log daily meals, emotions, and behaviors
Protect access to their personal data with a 4-digit security PIN
Set reminders that help them remain consistent
Export PDF summaries of their logs to be shared and discussed with their therapists
Find support and professional treatment in their area
Access resources (podcasts, music, blogs, shops) that help them build a healthy recovery mindset

What we did

Mobile (Android) development

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