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The challenge

Code North has asked us to re-architecture and rewrite the frontend of their Heartbeat Cloud flagship product.
In addition, to manage vital aspects of the product backend, making the platform extendible with new modules and features.

Another critical mission was to turn Heartbeat into a cross-platform product that works on any operating system, not just on Windows, as it was in its initial versions. Additionally, we were asked to collaborate with external teams from Iceland and Spain to deliver everything our client needed.

"In tech, it is rare to find good talent."

Jónas Sigurðsson

Founder and CTO of Code North   |   Iceland

"In tech, it is rare to find good talent."

Finding people with great talent, good communication skills, and great characters that turn your collaboration into a solid friendship is pure gold! 3angleTECH has that kind of people. They are the team you want to have by your side in this industry, no matter how difficult the task at hand may be.

Most ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

Challenging to handle, with complex user interfaces, tons of advanced settings, and large amounts of data.

Heartbeat Solution

Translates all the data from your ERP system of choice in a way anybody can understand. Heartbeat allows your business to interact with your ERP data through a friendly user experience adapted both for the modern web and mobile devices.

The capabilities we developed

Our work on the Heartbeat Cloud was multifaceted. We contributed to their frontend, Heartbeat mobile apps, the Heartbeat Cloud architecture, and backend middleware. Here’s a summary of the most important capabilities that we developed, to transform the Heartbeat Cloud into an excellent platform:

Hybrid mobile apps

For each module of the Heartbeat Cloud, we developed a separate mobile app. We created a system that allowed us to use one codebase for everything and generate different mobile apps. To achieve this goal, we had to develop a shared library between the Heartbeat Cloud web apps and mobile apps.

Plug-and-play platform

Our client wanted the new version of Heartbeat to be easy to extend with custom modules for different ERP systems. We participated in re-designing the architecture and were responsible for the implementation of a fully functional modular system. The Heartbeat Cloud platform was developed so that it is plug-and-play with any ERP you decide to connect. This makes it easy for Heartbeat to adapt to its customer’s existing systems and business processes.

Heartbeat backend

The customer asked us to take over their middleware solution, and extend it. We implemented an advanced backend that acts as a flexible, fast middleware between Heartbeat’s users and their existing ERP systems.

White-labeling everywhere

We developed the core of the Heartbeat Cloud dynamically, without hardcoded visuals and branding. All the modules and apps of the Heartbeat platform can be personalized with ease. Branded themes can be developed quickly, allowing Heartbeat partners and customers to get a platform that looks like their own.

Incremental rewrite of the Heartbeat frontend to a new stack

We were asked to approach the project in a way that makes it easy to keep using old modules (developed using older frameworks like AngularJS,) while developing new ones (using modern frameworks like Angular).

The old Heartbeat tech had to coexist and work well with the latest tech that we created from scratch. After a couple of years of work, we are proud that we managed to replace all of the Heartbeat legacy code in iterations.

Today, Heartbeat Cloud is a modern platform, without any legacy code or tech that may cause unpredictable issues, or require special maintenance.

The apps we contributed to

Our work did not stop here. We contributed to Heartbeat’s apps too. However, we weren’t the only team involved in the software development process. We co-developed portions of the following apps:

Work App

Allows employees to register the time and materials provided to customers at the place and time of their work. The app helps ensure correct, timely charging to customers and frees workers from having to learn a sophisticated ERP system. Instead, they interact with a simple mobile app, where adding and removing details about their work is a breeze.

Reports App

Provides instant financial reporting for all users, without extra effort from the finance department. Managers and executives can compare different sections of their business over different periods. They can also get a consolidated view of all the companies in a business group. All this helps make timely decisions based on the best available information, without waiting for reports from finance and other departments.

Sales App

Mobile employees can issue invoices on the go for both items and services sold in the field. The app provides real-time data to management about how their sales team is doing. Companies have an accurate warehouse management system and real-time sales performance reporting.

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