How 3angleTech is contributing to UbiqiSense’s success

August 22, 2019 3 min. read

Our company has a lot of passion for the products that we develop for our customers. The quality of our work translates into great products and business value for the companies we work with. One of our best customers and partners is UbiqiSense – a young company based in Denmark, which has an exciting product. Here is what UbiqiSense does and how we, at 3angleTech, have added value to their business and to their customers:

What is UbiqiSense?

UbiqiSense specializes in developing IoT-based sensor solutions for smart offices, buildings, and retail spaces. UbiqiSense provides its customers with a complete suite of devices and services that include the following:

  • UBIcapture intelligent sensors that are installed in physical locations
  • UBIgateways that connect to their sensors and send the collected measurements to an on-premises or cloud-based solution, using the MQTT protocol
  • Analytics for analyzing and visualizing the data provided by all devices

How is 3angleTech contributing to UbiqiSense’s success story?

UbiqiSense has an excellent team of technical professionals, with an applied engineering background. They specialize in things like optics, mechanics, computer vision, IoT, networking, and so on. However, they lack a team that is capable of developing a scalable web architecture for their IoT platform. And this is where we come in:

3angleTech has first developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that could connect to their UBIgateways. It gathers and stores all the data they collected, using Amazon’s IoT Core. The product then provides users with useful web-based analytics. It is named UbiqiSense Analytics and, in a matter of weeks, we demonstrated that the architecture that we created for it works. Therefore, we went on to improve it into a usable and scalable product for all of their customers.

What does UbiqiSense Analytics do?

Today, UbiqiSense Analytics offers the following features to customers:

  • Statistics about occupancy levels and footfall
  • Time and space occupancy per days, and hours
  • Real-time views of customer locations, including heatmaps of where people tend to stand more frequently

The benefits of using UbiqiSense Analytics

Using UbiqiSense’s platform and the analytics that we have built, customers can get a wide range of benefits:

  • Improved forecast floor space demand by collecting data on how occupants are using it.
  • Resize and rearrange meeting rooms according to real-life occupancy data. By analyzing the occupancy data over time, customers achieve the most efficient meeting room configuration.
  • Adjust cleaning, catering, and other services, according to the actual usage of each room.
  • Track how their customers move around their store(s) and adjust shelf design and product display accordingly. This leads to increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction by having a well-designed store.

What is 3angleTech developing next for UbiqiSense?

Our job does not stop here, since a successful software product is a work in progress. We are continuously improving the user interface for UbiqiSense Analytics, so that customers get the best experience possible. We are also adding new features according to UbiqiSense’s product roadmap, and the data that we gather on how customers use UbiqiSense Analytics. We also strive to reduce the development cost of new features and to prioritize those features that bring the most business value to UbiqiSense and their customers.