4 Ways In Which We Use Toggl to Make Customers Happy

June 18, 2019 4 min. read

At 3angleTech, our objective is to make the most of the time we spend on each project, and to make our customers happy. We want them to know how they are spending their money, and tell them about the real work that gets done on their projects. We also want to make sure that we do our job as efficiently as possible while avoiding micromanagement. That’s why we decided to use Toggl for all our projects. It is a useful time tracking tool, developed by an Estonian company. Here is how Toggl helps us keep our customers happy:

Toggl preview

1. Toggl helps us and our customers see the real work done on projects

When we work on projects, we don’t just code. We talk to our clients, we create roadmaps for our projects, we do code review, testing, and so on. Sometimes, we take a break, so that we do not burn ourselves out, and get back to work afterwards, with improved focus. Without Toggl, it would have been difficult for us to precisely measure how much time we work on projects. Because Toggl makes it easy to track our work, using just about anything, from a web browser to mobile apps on our smartphones or tablets, we can see exactly how much time we spend doing real work, and how many of our working hours are not optimally used.

This data helps us better organize the work we do for our customers, keeps the project team focused, and reduces time-wasting activities. We are all passionate about self-improvement, and Toggl is the perfect fit for us, providing valuable data so that we can improve how we work for our customers.

2. Toggl makes billing transparent and helps customers see the costs of the features that they request

All customers want to know what they are paying for. Doesn’t everyone? It is a legitimate need, and with the help of Toggl, we send billing reports to all our customers, that include detailed information on how they are spending their money. In a billing report, customers see the billable hours, month by month, how much each project team member has worked, who delivered most of the work on the project, the duration and the cost of all project tasks, and the product features that they have requested.


This data is beneficial to customers, as they quickly see the cost of the ideas/features that they want us to implement, and refocus on those that bring them the best balance between cost, the time invested, and the business benefits they get.

3. Thanks to Toggl, customers pay less for each workday

Every customer wants to pay only for the work that is done for him or her. In the age of social media, endless meetings, and lazy but healthy lunches, the total work time cannot be eight hours for each working day. After using Toggl for a couple of months, we understood better how many hours of productive work we do each day, and it turns out it is usually six hours, not eight. That’s why our customers pay only for six hours per day, and not eight, as they do when working with other companies. It is an excellent example of how we help them save money, by paying only for the real work that gets done, and not for our lunch breaks, extended or not. 😉

4. Toggl decreases micromanagement, and increases productivity

Imagine us working on a complex, lengthy project, with many team members. The “simple” task of tracking the work done by everyone, and ensuring that the billing reflects the reality of the work done for the customer, would involve a lot of micromanagement, sterile discussions, unnecessary stress, and human error, which would best be avoided. With Toggl, team managers quickly see the overview of their team’s work, the data for billing is accurately reported and aggregated, leaving us more time for useful work that delivers value to our customers.

3angleTech customers love Toggl

You may not be familiar with Toggl. Some of our existing customers weren’t either, but after getting familiar with how we work, and how we use Toggl, they loved the transparency that it has to offer. Also, it increased their trust, as they have seen that they are paying only for work done. If you want to know more about this tool, go to Toggl.com. You can test it for free, and see how it works. Also, feel free to drop us a line and chat with us about how we could help your business.