Buyer & User Personas Mapping

When developing a product, it’s easy to assume that users are just like ourselves. If we rely on our assumptions to lead what and how we develop, there is a risk of creating a product that may only work for a segment of users. A more analytical approach is necessary for understanding the needs of all users, thus we create behavioral segments and build requirements specifically mapped to them.

What Makes us Top Professionals

Effective planning for minimizing the time to market

10+ years developer experience

Focus on clean, extensible, modular architecture

High quality assurance

Effective Management Process

To optimize the development process and make it transparent to our customer, we build our workflow using the most suitable and effective agile methodologies

1. Getting Started

We Listen.
Setting up Enviroments.

2. Design

Iterate Until Approved !

3. Development

Technical Design

4. Project management

Change management.
Manage risks.

5. Testing

Prepare Test Cases.
Automated & Manual Testing.
Regression Testing.

6. Release


Support and Training

All projects are developed in constant interaction with the client, from start to completion.

We deliver full technical support and training on all stages of project development and even beyond.